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A brief introduction to Queen Quirks

My cozy corner on the internet was born out of my desire to explore and develop myself. A space to share my struggles, inquire, LOL at myself (a lot!), connect with you, and most of all… embrace my quirks.

Queen Quirks

Queen Quirks

A space for women with ADHD

Hi my brave, beautiful Queen!

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Wendy M.

My name is


I was born in China, raised in Arizona, and now on my fourth year living in Tokyo. ADHD has had its fun kicking my butt for a decade or so, but I’m so ready to show my brain who’s the real boss!

I have a collection of unique experiences thanks to my adventurous (and a little impulsive) unique brain, and I’m excited to share them with you. 

So scroll away and enjoy your stay!

For all the queens

Embrace all your beautiful quirks

Let’s focus on the positive!

What quirks make up your beautiful brain?

Here are mine:

I have an eye for portraying things in my artwork that I find beauty in, especially animals and nature.
I appreciate the details!
I notice tiny details that others may not.
I work extra hard to keep up!
A blessing and a curse. If I care enough about something, I put in max effort and add my special touches!
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Adult ADHD, Women with ADHD, and the struggles of life.

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