Get to Know and Love Your ADHD Brain

A Brain Full of Beautiful Quirks

Every brain is special and has its own quirks which deserve to be cherished and celebrated.

Adult with ADHD

Wendy M.


Chief Quirky Officer


As an adult with ADHD, I’m committed to better understanding and helping myself so that I can help YOU understand and help yourself! 

If I can build something that represents me, I want it to also represent the others (ladies in particular) out there striving to live their best lives.

Queen Quirks

It wasn’t until recently that I realized what I had to do, and that what I had to offer was within me all along. And that is to tell my story, one that deserves to be out there!

One of the most remarkable differences between this venture versus my previous projects is my attitude.

It has changed from “I have to do this” to” I GET to do this.

So that it why I’ve committed to embracing my quirks and showing up for myself.

Adult with ADHD
Women with ADHD

If you want to check out more, I also have a podcast where me and my co-host talk life in Tokyo, cultural differences and our personal journeys.